Life is music (Simba Wa Nyika)

Life is music (Simba Wa Nyika)

  • Directed by Ambe Mbarack Ali
  • Kenya, 1982
  • Workshops in Kenya - Nairobi
  • Arts
  • Shooting place : Nairobi
  • Duration : 10 min
  • Audio : Swahili (macrolanguage)


A man listens to music on a cassette. It seems to have been composed by an amateur. Then, on stage, he is now the conductor of an orchestra and this time, it’s he who is playing this music.

  • Direction : Ambe Mbarack Ali
  • Image : Ali Mbarack
  • Themes : Arts
  • Keywords : Music
  • Shooting place : Nairobi
  • Shooting format : DV Cam

About : Workshops in Kenya

In 1982, a Super-8 workshop in Nairobi enabled to make films outside the usual journalistic boundaries.

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