From one riverbank to the other

From one riverbank to the other

  • Directed by Son Nguyen Minh
  • Viêtnam, 2010
  • Workshops in Viêtnam - Da Nang
  • Culture & Tradition, Rurality
  • Shooting place : Da Nang
  • Duration : 26 min
  • Audio : Vietnamese
  • Subtitles : English, French


For several generations, the members of a single family have been tirelessly ferrying villagers from one bank to the other of the river. Amongst the passengers on the boat there are those who are going to sell chickens and vegetables, school children, people who are off on business, and those who have left the village and who are coming back home… On one side of the river lies the village and its fields… On the other, lies the town with its administrative offices and public services. On the ferry, little fragments of their stories paint a picture of everyday life in the village.

  • Direction : Son Nguyen Minh
  • Image : Son Nguyen Minh

About : Workshops in Viêtnam

Nine workshops were set up in Viêtnam since 2004 in Hanoï, in Da Nang and in Hô Chi Minh city. In 2016, a workshop is organized by former trainees who became independant filmmakers.

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