Confusion, Life and Art (Pometnja, život i umetnost)

Confusion, Life and Art (Pometnja, život i umetnost)

  • Directed by Staša Tomic
  • Serbia-Montenegro, 2005
  • Workshops in the Balkan region - Belgrade
  • Arts, Culture & Tradition
  • Shooting place : Belgrade
  • Duration : 0 min
  • Audio : Serbian
  • Subtitles : English


A fly on the wall mosaic-like documentary about the 47th October Salon, the largest contemporary art exhibition held in Serbia as well as all the seemingly invisible aspects of such an apparently calm event. Envisioned by Europe's heavyweight German curator, Rene Block, as his last statement, the machinery of workers, burocrats and world famous artist are there to really make the exhibition happen. When a camera is pointed toward such an event in present day post-war, transitional and timid Serbia, a humorous, witty and insightful story is told portraying artistic pursuit as an attempt to overcome the confusions of the human condition.

  • Direction : Staša Tomic
  • Image : Staša Tomic
  • Sound : Marija Asanovic
  • Edition : Aleksandar Stojanov

Rewards, festivals and diffusions

DOKUMENTA Fridericianum Museum

  • Place : Kassel (Germany)
  • Date : 2007

FID Festival international de cinéma

  • Place : Marseille (France)
  • Date : 2007

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In the 2000s, workshops are organized in Belgrade, for the filmmakers from the region. The workshop re-starts in 2021, and the Varan Balkan association is created in 2023 by former trainees.

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