Workshops in Papua New Guinea

Workshops in Papua New Guinea

The workshop

During the 1980s and the 1990s, workshops were set up in this country where 5 million people speak more than 880 languages. It was an opportunity for the filmmakers to talk about their cultural diversity.

The programme

Since 1983, Ateliers Varan have actively collaborated in the development of the «Skul Bilong Wokim Piksa», today renamed as the «National Film Institute». In 1987, the school decided to start production activities. In Papua New Guinea, 5 million people speak more than 880 languages on a territory the size of France. The workshop programme gives testimony to the upheavals and changes which, in just a few years, have led all these communities into the electronic age. Here, too, it was crucial to increase the inhabitants’ awareness of their cultural diversity. In 1990, the film “Tinpis Run” was made at Skul Bilong Wokim Piksa. It is a full-length documented feature film, the first Papua-New Guinean road movie.

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