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training courses in France

documentary filmmaking workshop

This workshop welcomes all those with a first experience of documentary filmmaking wishing to perfect directing skills or on the lookout for a career shift. All the steps of documentary filmmaking are reviewed, from initial conception to editing (assisted by professional editors) to the moral, intellectual, aesthetical issues brought up through the act of filming.
from September 23 to December 15 2015, 12 weeks (420 hours)

hands-on documentary filmmaking

During this very intensive workshop, you’ll be confronted to the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. Following a short period of technical initiation, analysis of reference films, recceeing and writing, everyone moves on to action by shooting a short film on an imposed theme ; this workshop coupled with “hands-on documentary editing” also allows you to assess the essential relationship between filmmaker and editor.
Spring : from May 18 to July 4 2015, Paris / 7 weeks (245 hours)

hands-on documentary editing

"Hands-on documentary editing” and “documentary filmmaking workshop” sessions take place simultaneously. A common-core program introducing theoretical perspectives and practical exercises allows for beginner editors to acquire methodology and experience. Then, as they move on to editing two of the filmmakers’ films, they experience, on a real-life scale, documentary editing as a form of writing or narration. It brings to light just how high and demanding the requirements in this field are.
from January 5 to February 21 2015, 7 weeks (245 hours)

writing/developing a documentary project

This practical and theoretical workshop clearly brings to the foreground the issues of documentary filmmaking. Taking into account the specificity of film writing, the project is given shape and structure to ready its presentation to potential production partners, funding commissions and institutions.
5 sessions from May to October 2015, 6 weeks (210 hours)

creating sound for films

Initiated with Daniel Deshays, “Creating sound for films “ welcomes those wishing to question the art of documentary filmmaking through its sound form. From sound recording to mixing, from film screenings to exercises, this workshop explores the different ways of making sound for films and provides participants with practical sound-writing tools.
from April 13 to 24 2014, 2 weeks (70 hours)

web-documentaries concepting/directing

Setting web-documentaries in the field of documentary culture, this training session introduces writing, directing and developing a web documentary, from its inception to publishing it on line.
from March 2 to April 14 2015, 6 weeks (224 hours)
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