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Master 2 degree "documentary filmmaking with Varan"

This full-immersion workshop welcomes all those with a first experience of documentary filmmaking wishing to perfect directing skills or on the lookout for a career shift. All the steps of documentary filmmaking are reviewed, from initial conception to editing (assisted by professional editors) to the moral, intellectual, aesthetical issues brought up through the act of filming.

Organised by Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier, Occitanie region and Lasalle en Cévennes film Festival.

from November 27 to February 23 2018, in Lasalle-en-Cévennes, South-East of France / 11 weeks

Public : or those wishing to gain a first experience of documentary filmmaking with all it entails of involvement and high standards (without technical prerequisites).

Prerequisites : none

Number of trainees : 12


- Having a Master 1 degree.

If you are not of French nationality but a French resident, application requirements remain identical to those of French candidates. If you reside abroad, application requirements remain identical except that the interview takes place on the phone.

Costs : 13 000 Euros.

Workshop funding : workshop costs are to be supported by a financial organization from your home country, whether it be public or private. Self-funding is not accepted. There are no exhaustive lists of financial organizations. A few examples of funding institutions abroad : the French Embassy’s cultural services, Gulbenkian Foundation, (Portugal), Studiensenteret (Norway). It’s up to each candidate to search for adequate funding possibilities, according to his or her specific situation.

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