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hands-on documentary editing

"Hands-on documentary editing” and “documentary filmmaking workshop” sessions take place simultaneously. A program introducing theoretical perspectives and practical exercises allows for beginner editors to acquire methodology and experience. Then, as they move on to editing two of the filmmakers’ films, they experience, on a real-life scale, documentary editing as a form of writing or narration. It brings to light just how high and demanding the requirements in this field are.

from October 30 to December 16 2017, 7 weeks (245 hours), in Paris, France

Public : assistants, editor trainees, anyone with a film studies degree. A first editing experience, on a professional or personal basis is required as is mastery of basic skills with the Final Cut Pro program.
Number of trainees : 6
Tutors : 2 professional editors supervise the exercises and the editing of the films .


First period : (3 weeks) Documentary editing is introduced from a practical and theoretical point of view ; practical editing exercises done from a limited amount of rushes ( editing of a sequence aimed at describing a place in space and time, of a sequence around voice-over narration, construction of a narrative based on several sequences, etc), ‘theoretical lectures » (editing approaches envisioned as a technique, art, philosophy- dispensed by renowned specialists, documentary films screening followed by discussions with the director and editor.

Second period : (4 weeks) As trainee filmmakers shoot, editing trainees work on the rushes, editing of sequences and working on film structure, in order to end up with the final edited project ( each editing trainee works turn by turn on two workshop films, in collaboration with the trainee director and a professional editor).

Goals : Young editors acquire and consolidate their knowledge by dealing with documentary storytelling on a real life scale, choosing the most adapted shots for the project. Working with the rushes, they learn how to structure the documentary tale, perceiving and revealing the filmmakers’ intentions and point of view.

Teaching methods : the training session hands-on from the first day, deals with editing issues through specific exercises, alternated with film screenings and lectures. During the first part of the program, trainees prepare for upcoming editing period with the trainee filmmakers for which they’ll in turn edit the film during the second part of workshop. Each film is edited over a period of 10 days in two alternating sessions. Two or three professional editors closely supervise the progress of projects and screenings take place in presence of the filmmaker tutors.

Equipement : 5 Final Cut Pro Editing Stations, a screening room.

Admission requirements
Step 1 : send in 3 documents : a free style autobiography of maximum two pages, a résumé showing your professional experience as an editor or assistant editor, the copy of previous edited work.
Step 2 : Pre-selected applicants will be appointed for an interview before being definitively admitted.

Costs : 7200 Euros VAT exclusive (8640 VAT included). Candidates may apply for a CIF- a vocational training leave (count 4 months for application processing) and receive funding from private or public institutions. There are no exhaustive lists of organizations, here are a few examples : FONGECIF, AUVICOM, UNIFORMATION, FAF.TT.
This workshop is recognised by AFDAS.

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