• Directed by Radosav Rajko Petrovic
  • Serbia-Montenegro, 2004
  • Workshops in Serbia-Montenegro - Belgrade
  • Urban life, Nature & Environment
  • Shooting place : Belgrade
  • Duration : 15 min
  • Audio : Not applicable


“Pulses” seeks to try to put back together the fragments, varied, scattered and brutal, of our environment. These images are the heartbeats of our world, a kind of mirror of our lives.

  • Direction : Radosav Rajko Petrovic
  • Image : Radosav Rajko Petrovic
  • Sound : Mihajlo Jevtic, Dragan Nikolic, Barbara Tolevska & Srdan Keca
  • Edition : Milan Pejnovic

Rewards, festivals and diffusions

Festival International du Film documentaire

  • Place : Jihlava (Czech Republic)
  • Date : 2004

Alternative Film/Vidéo Festival

  • Place : Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Date : 2004

About : Workshops in Serbia-Montenegro

In the 2000s, workshops are set up in Serbia-Montenegro - which was still one country. The participants could come from all of the republics of ex-Yugoslavia.

Workshops in Serbia-Montenegro

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